Autistic Artist Sketches New York Skyline From Memory

Stephen Wiltshire’s most recent panorama drawing – created in New York in April 2011 – is now displayed at JFK airport on a giant 250ft billboard. It is a part of a global advertising campaign for the Swiss bank UBS that carries the theme “We will not rest”.


What do you enjoy daydreaming about?

I’ve been doing a lot of big picture thinking recently, and so it got me thinking, what do you enjoy daydreaming about?

What do you enjoy daydreaming about

Google doodle celebrates 150th anniversary of the London Underground

London Underground Google Doodle

Today the Google doodle is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground.

The Doodle uses the famous map to spell the letters of its name.  According to The Independent, the lines and names of the stops are accurate to scale.

The Metropolitan Railway, as it’s known, opened on this day in 1863.  The first journey took place between Paddington and Farringdon.  At the time there were seven stations. Since then, 263 more stations have been added. Some 1.17 billion passenger rides took place across the system last year.

The Best Pictures from the BBC Camera Trap Contest

The Best Pictures from the BBC Camera Trap Contest

Camera traps manage to get the most candid and undisturbed photos of wildlife possible, which is why these great images from the BBC camera traps yearly contest are so incredible.  Here is a jaguar eating a turtle, but some of the other images show bears sneezing, fishing cats prowling, pangolins sniffing the air and more.  The full-range of images is certainly worth a long look.